A Picture May be Worth a Thousand Words…

…but a video is worth even more!

A lot of times, it’s difficult to really get the feel of a room just through pictures. Sure, they’re beautiful, and they show off the wonderful designs of the room, but the photograph can only capture so much of the room.

That’s where video comes in. Video is such a versatile medium, and it works so well in really capturing the essence of the whole room; the viewer isn’t limited to just what one frame can convey.

We recently had a video shot of one of the houses we’ve done in Dallas. We’re so proud of the way the house turned out, and the client was so excited to show off their new home that we were able to enlist the services of Naomi Madison at The Fresh Ink in making a video to put this wonderful home on display.

We’re so excited to get to show this video to you. This is one of our favorite designs we’ve done, and we think that this video really shows off the unique designs we got to incorporate into this ground-up build out.

The Story of The Chairs….

This past weekend I celebrated my 47th birthday.  I had a great weekend and treasure all of those who are so important in my life;  some I’ve met in real life before, others are my design/creative colleagues on social media.  Either way, it doesn’t matter to me.   I was honored to have received wishes from so many.  HOWEVER, one thing did surprise me.  You see, a former client, neighbor and now friend “Flocked” my yard for my birthday.  What is flocking you might ask?  Well, it starts with over 40 pink flamingos and ends with a funny sign in your yard, exclaiming whatever occasion you might be celebrating or acknowledging (all in good fun, of course).

I was so excited to see these little guys everywhere!

 I’m a tad embarrassed because my poinsettias in my pots have died and I hadn’t (haven’t) taken down my Christmas wreaths.

Honk! Honk! Honk!

As you can see from the sign my friend chose for my yard, it tickled me all day and the next to hear all of the horns honking outside my house as an acknowledgement of my special day.  I was speaking with a long time and life long friend of mine this morning, who commented that as we get older our birthdays seem to matter even more to us and I immediately agreed and said, “it’s like I’m 12 again!”.  Yes, it mattered that much!   Here is the biggest surprise part:  Upon viewing the pictures I proudly displayed on Facebook of  the front yard in its fully flocked state, many of you began texting and DM’ing me about the chairs on the front porch. Where did you get them?  What are they-they look like interior chairs?  Are they plastic?  Did you bring chairs from the inside to the outside for the flamingo pic?  Lol.  Today’s post was set to be about fabulous new Market finds I have been out discovering but…..I shall explain the chairs instead.




These chairs cost 25.00 each.  A neighbor found them while she was hunting for treasures.  I bought them from her and immediately threw them in the “I’ll Get To That One Day” place in the garage.  I knew that they would need to be reupholstered (think sunbleached mauve) but didn’t quite know where I would use them or when.  After I had the shutters painted  purple, I knew I needed something green on the front porch and didn’t want to add plants.  I’m not good at taking care of them on a daily basis; hence, the naked condition of my harlequin pots on the front porch!   Anywho, I immediately thought of the chairs in the garage, ran to Lowe’s bought all they had of a summer green outdoor paint, see below, and came home and got to spraying.


Love this stuff!

   This process took about 45 minutes and 3 cans per chair (two coats).


I do want to mention that these are fully upholstered INSIDE USE chairs and this glossy paint has kept them in pristine condition- mildew and bug free for one year on my front porch with no fading.  I sprayed the bottom of the dust lining for extra protection as well.  I sit in them often and the only difference is that the protective, glossy nature of the paint does stiffen the fabric a bit but not to a point in which it is uncomfortable or bothersome.

    Here are some close ups:


Photo courtesy Alexandra Williamson

Photo courtesy Alexandra Williamson


Photo courtesy Alexandra Williamson

And, that’s the simple story of the chairs!

Please write in YOUR birthday in the comments section, if birthdays are a big deal to you too, so that I make sure I can send you happy birthday wishes as well.

Much Love-E

Love Bird, Love Not and Quatrefoils

First day of Market.   First thing on my agenda?  Eating.  Anyone who knows me for a minute or hangs around me for a second knows I’m nothing without my food!

After lunch I kind of feel lost.  No speeches to give today, no appointments, no nothing.  I decide to take advantage of this moment in time and visit a fellow Decor Mentor and designer friend, Lisa Kahn-Allen.  Lisa is debuting her new furnishings and accessories at Chelsea House at 200 N.Hamilton.

Love Birds:  If you have never met her new hubby, Phillip S. Allen, please make a point to say “Hi” when visiting the showroom with Lisa.  These two are the warmest most in love couple I have had the chance to visit with  in a long, long time.  So supportive of each other.  Way to go Lisa :)

So Proud…..


Love Knots:  Love is in the air!  Lisa has incorporated the elegant design of a love knot into several pieces in her collection.  I do not want to spoil it by showing full shots but simply tease you and make sure you enjoy it in person as much as I did.

Sneak Peek of Etched Love Knot in Hall Table


Quatrefoils:  Lisa shared with me her love of quatrefoils and has incorporated them in their most beautiful and interesting fashion.  What is a quatrefoil you ask?    In art, architecture and traditional Christian symbolism, the quatrefoil is a type of decorative framework consisting of a symmetrical shape which forms the overall outline of four partially overlapping circles of the same diameter.  It actually means “four leaves”.  There, that is your design lesson of the day :)

Can you find the quatrefoils?


Lisa (and Phillip), I know you have put your heart and soul into this collection and I must say, it shows.  It is original, refreshing and classic.  There are many other special references Lisa has included but you just have to see them for yourself.

Remember, Life Happens….Under The Chandelier


Burger King The New Trend In Home Furnishings?

Yep.   “Have it Your Way” is the trend this Market.  All style and fat free.  What is it with me? It always comes back to food!

This Market, in addition to scouting the newest items for Elaine Williamson Design  clients, I have the honor of being  the Sponsored Blogger for  CR Laine Furniture.  This has already proven to be such a great collaboration (more about that later).  

I toured their new showroom located at 310 North Hamilton yesterday afternoon.  I think you will agree that this showroom has something for your client and/or customer’s style.

I will take you on a photo tour to see what I mean:

First, up-to-date, bold and graphic…

Bold and Graphic FABRIC Covered Walls

Hello gorgeous!


Bold Color is Back!

   Saturated color is back!  A designer can help balance and temper your  bold wall color with the appropriate patterns and furniture finishes so that your room never feels heavy or too kitschy.

Red Tempered with Brights and More Graphics

This room could have come straight out of my childhood.  It is sooo my mother’s taste.   Bold yet soft. Bright yet neutral.  Graphic yet traditional. Mimi loves color. A lot.

On the other hand, my dad would think it was too soft and airy for his taste. Not to fear daddy!  CR Laine has something for you too……

Warm and Manly!

Or perhaps, somewhere in between…..

Refined Rustic

Oh wait…What’s that?  You have a  home near the Coast but still want an elegant yet whimsical?

 Noooo problem….


One of my personal favorites is the new take on the traditional equestrian feel.  I am all about the deconstructed chairs (the bones of the chair shows on the outside), paired with a traditional sofa, light rustic lamps and a fresh approach to the equestrian art.  So fresh, but had depth and dimension.

Feminine Equestrian

Let me just say that there is much, much more to come in the following days from this showroom and with their fun-loving, up for anything, Director of Marketing, Holly Blalock.

Oh, you want a hint…..Shoes….custom shoes…..

Remember, Life Happens…….Under the Chandelier


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Just Groovy!

The Happy Hipster, Jonathan Adler,  himself has come to Dallas.  The Brandmaster has his new digs perfectly located at 4524 McKinney Avenue.  As if this street wasn’t already chic enough with the likes of Nest and Forty Five Ten, JA rounds out this “must frequent” street perfectly. If color is not your thing, take a deep breath and walk in anyway.  JA has always brought in color in such a way that it is never garish or harsh.  The furniture collection is highly patterned or structured yet always classic.  It is a great lesson for anyone scared of color and a great example of how to use it loudly yet sparingly.

I fell in love with JA while visiting  The Parker Hotel-Palm Springs .  It is collected, chic, quirky and happy.  I mean, come on, a guy who uses ceramic bananas as an accessory is my kind of creative spirit.  By the way, the banana is now offered in brass.  Yes, a brass banana.   I die.  

There is something here for everyone.  His dinnerware is also full of pattern and color and a great way to bring in a little touch of Adler.  I recently purchased this collection for a client, pared them with a gold charger and completed the place setting with a black and white chevron placemat.   Kind of a Mary Mac and JA one, two punch

I was so hyped up while visiting the JA boutique that I decided to purchase one of his signature vessels.  Trust me, I needed one!

Happy Shopping! E

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